Juliaetta, Idaho
A Sister Community to everyone

In the early days Juliaetta was originally called Schupferville after Rupert Schupfer who was an initial homesteader in the area. Later, Charles Snyder, another rancher in the area, had a post office put on his land and named it Juliaetta after his daughters, Julia and Etta. Mr. Snyder moved to the present town site and the name Juliaetta transferred with him. The first commercial establishment opened in 1882 and the town incorporated in 1892 when the Northern Pacific Railroad was extended into the area. The town quickly grew into to a thriving community of 500 by 1903. The railroad is now the Ed Corkill Memorial Bike Trail and links the towns of Kendrick and Juliaetta together.

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Population grew by 1 over
the last 5 years but is projected
to grow by 16 over the next 5 years.



Jobs decreased by 73 over
the last 5 years. They
are projected to grow by
2 over the next 5 years.


Average Earnings

In 2018 the average
earnings per job was $49.6K.