• Troy, Idaho

    A Great Place to Raise a Family

    Located just over 10 miles from Moscow, Troy is a small town in Latah County. 1.5 hours north of Troy is Lake Coeur d’ Alene, the Spokane International Airport, and big city shopping. Lewis and Clark State College is 50 miles to the south of Troy. Vast recreational wilderness lies to the east of Troy. Two major universities are west of Troy. The University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho (11 miles) and Washington State University, Pullman, Washington (25 miles). In the 2010 census, Troy had 862 residents.

    Troy has its own school district, where classes average about 25 students per class. Farming, ranching and timber are major contributors to Troy’s economy. The town’s support economy includes a bank, grocery store, medical clinic, several bar & grills, an espresso cafe and a traditional American cafe. A local farm chemical company, Wilbur-Ellis, is stationed near downtown, there is a gas station and convenience store, an internet gift and flower company, a coffee bean roaster, a children’s resale clothing store, a flower shop, and several manufacturing businesses.

  • Overview

    Population: 2,145

    Population grew by 105 over the last 5 years but is projected to grow by 85 over the next 5 years.

    Jobs: 433

    Jobs grew by 68 over the last 5 years. Projected to grow by 26 over the next 5 years

    Average Earnings: $45.1K

    Regional average earnings per job are $20.5K below the national average earnings of $65.7K per job.

  • Industry

    Millennials: 306

    Troy has 306 Millennials (ages 24-34) The national average for an area this size is 439.

    Retiring Soon: 782

    Retirement is high in Troy. The national average for an area this size is 605 people 55 or older.

    Employment: +18.6%

    From 2013 to 2018, jobs increased by 18.6% in Troy from 365 to 433. This change outpaced national growth rate of 8.2% by 10.4%.

    source: Emsi Reports

  • Workforce Data